Cyclotron laboratory

Scattering chamber area (PIXE and PIGE)

The low-energy cyclotron at Panjab University, Chandigarh was installed with the renovated components of the variable energy cyclotron from University of Rochester, New York, USA. This machine is a single Dee classical cyclotron with a variable frequency in the range of 10–20 MHz. The maximum magnetic field of main magnet can be used up to 14 k Gauss. These parameters are used to produce the variable energy of the beam from this machine. The research activities in the cyclotron laboratory have been focused in various areas of nuclear physics from the very initial stages. Later on PIXE, PIGE and RBS facilities have also been developed in this laboratory. The faculty members are collaborating on characterisation of materials (polymers and amorphous semiconductors) using proton beam. They are also using heavy ion beams at national and international accelerator facilities for nuclear physics experiments. The following research activities are being carried out using this cyclotron: