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Centre of Advanced Study in Physics
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Two day National Seminar on
"Theoretical and Experimental techniques in Nanoscience &
(March 29-30, 2007)
Department of Physics, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Steering Committee

Prof. Nirmal Singh (Chairman)

Prof. M.M. Gupta (CAS Coordinator)

Prof. V.K. Jindal (Convener)

Prof. K. Dharamvir (Secretary)
Accommodation and

Dr. Navdeep Goyal
Dr. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Sunita Srivastava
Mr. Ranjan Kumar

Academic Program
Invited Speakers

Aims and Issues:

Nanoscience and nanotechnology is an important new
emerging area of interdisciplinary scientific education and
research. Understanding the physics and chemistry of matter
whether living or non-living, but structured at the nanometer
scale is one of the most active areas of research today.
Significant efforts have been made for understanding the
fundamental properties of these new systems, as a result of
which new methodology for theoretical and experimental
activities is getting streamlined. Also, scientists are making
laboratory demonstrations of possible technological spin-offs.
In fact, industrial adoption of these systems is just getting off
the ground.
Apart from efforts in research at selected places, we need to
address issues pertaining to (i) providing higher education, (ii)
cultivating awareness and (iii) developing manpower to cater
to future national and international needs. It becomes the duty
of front running institutions to make wholehearted efforts to
achieve these goals. This requires introducing and designing
new teaching courses, setting up new labs and developing
partnership and interaction with upcoming industry.
This National Seminar is being held to highlight research
methodologies for the benefit of researchers in the field as
well as devoting some effort to standardize the teaching
courses and discussing manpower creation in nanoscience and
V.K. Jindal (Convener)