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                    SPEAKER: Prof. Neeraj Khare

De                                         Dept. of Physics
an                                         Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi

                    TITLE: Discovery of GMR: A giant leap in data storage technology

                    DATE & DAY: 23 November 2007, FRIDAY

                    Venue: Physics Seminar Hall

                    TIME: 4.00 p.m.


Prof. Albert Fert of France and Prof. Peter Gruenberg of Germany won the Nobel Prize for Physics for their discovery of the Giant Manetoresistance (GMR). Working independently in 1988, they discovered that in Ferromagnetic-Nonmagnetic-Ferromagnetic multilayer structures, application of small magnetic field leads to huge change in the resistance of these multilayer structures. Due to huge change in magneto-resistance, the phenomenon is termed as ‘Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR)’. The discovery of GMR created a great impact on the read-out head technology of hard disks. The large sensitivity of GMR based read-out heads for the tiny magnetic field has paved the way of developing miniaturized high capacity hard disks and thus revolutionized the data storage technology. GMR based read-out head is an example of “Spintronics” devices in which electron spin and charge both are manipulated. Magnetic Tunnel Junctions is another “Spintronics” device in which two ferromagnetic layers are separated by thin oxide layers (~Al2O3). GMR read head sensors are already impacting multibillion dollar industry and MRAM devices will soon reach to the market.

The present talk will describe in detail the original discovery of GMR and its impact in the read-out head technology. The developments in other
spintronics devices such as spin valve Tunneling Magnetoresistance, Spin FET; Spin LED along with its future prospects will also be presented.

* This talk describes the 2007- Nobel prize winning work in physics and talk is for general audience. Students are encouraged to attend.

Tea shall be served at 3.45 P.M. All interested are cordially invited to attend

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