Department of Physics, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India

Department seminar

Time and date: 20 July 2012 (Friday), 4:00 pm
Venue: Seminar Hall

Title: Captured – "The Higgs boson" – Universe's most wanted particle?

Speaker: Prof. Meenakshi Narain, Physics Department, Brown University, Providence, USA

Abstract: The 50-year hunt for the Higgs boson, the centerpiece of the particle physics programme, seems to have borne fruit. Recently the possible existence of this famously elusive particle, or a look-alike, was confirmed in the data collected by the LHC experiments in 2011 and 2012. I will present combined results from searches for the standard model Higgs boson in proton-proton collisions at √s = 7 TeV and 8 TeV in five final state modes: γγ, bb, ττ, WW, and ZZ. The analysed data correspond to integrated luminosities up to 5.1 fb-1 at 7 TeV and 5.3 fb-1 at 8 TeV. Within the statistical uncertainties, the results support the discovery of a particle with a mass about 130 times that of a proton and properties consistent with those expected of the Higgs particle. More data are needed to test whether this new state has all the properties of the SM Higgs boson or whether some do not match, implying new physics beyond the standard model.