DUO INDIA Fellowships

MHRD has launched DUO-India Fellowship Program for Students and Faculties. Under the DUO-India the following
countries are covered:

       Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,    
       Switzerland and UK

DUO Information

 LAST DATE is: 30th Sep. 2019

NB: Due to the unique nature of this program, Individual student (or professor) cannot apply for the fellowship

Who can Apply?

1) For students: http://www.asemduo.org/02_programs/programs_09.php
2) For professors: http://www.asemduo.org/02_programs/programs_10.php

In case of DUO-India, Only the contact person of Indian institute can fill online application out on behalf of both institutes
and people who are to participate in the exchange.

For European institutes, they shall cooperate fully with Indian institutes in supplying precise information of European applicants.

For Individuals wishing to take part in exchanges are advised to contact the undersigned.

If institutes are already joined under SPARC, they can see their Institute ID and make the login information on the following webpage.

1) For students: http://www.asemduo.org/03_forms/form_account.php?mode=in&num=23
2) For professors: http://www.asemduo.org/03_forms/form_account.php?mode=in&num=24

In addition the above mentioned fellowship, the same portal covers for ASEN-DUO India Fellowship Program too.

For more informtion, please contact:

Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar
Department of Physics
email: vipinATpu.ac.in
Mob: 9915281438(Whatsapp OR email first please)