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First Announcement

About the Conference

This conference will be dedicated to the synthesis, characterisation and applications of condensed and nano materials. The focus will be on the processing and development of new materials, which can meet the challenges posed by the designers. The goal of the conference is to emphasise interdisciplinary research on processing, morphology, structure, properties and applications of these materials in opto-electronics, sensors, medical and chemical application and devices. This international conference is being organised to give impetus to basic research and development and also to spread the salient features of the research pursuits in force throughout the world. It is anticipated that many researchers from various disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, technology and engineering will be attending the conference to make this event truly interdisciplinary.

This conference will bring together a panel of highly-accomplished experts in the field of condensed and nano materials. Talks will encompass basic studies and applications and will address topics of current importance. During the four-day conference and one day workshop prior to this conference (i.e. February 22, 2011), participants will listen to recognised authorities in many of the concerned fields on recent advances, difficulties, and breakthroughs in these materials. The conference will feature, invited talks and contributed lectures focusing on specific tenets of condensed and nano materials. Additionally, there will be several poster sessions, and four best poster presentations will be selected for an award.

Address for correspondence

Dr. S.K. Tripathi
Co-Convener, ICACNM-2011
Department of Physics, Panjab University
Chandigarh 160014 (INDIA)

Tel.: +91-172-2534462, +91-9876581267 (M)
Fax: +91-172-2783336

Dr. Ranjan Kumar
Secretary, ICACNM-2011
Department of Physics, Panjab University
Chandigarh 160014 (INDIA)

Tel.: +91-172-2534488, +91-9780550779 (M)