Educational background

Professional background

Main area of work

Mass-spectrometry and Rb-Sr geochronology

Significant publications

  1. Rb-Sr geochronological studies of the granitic and gneissic rocks of Chhotadara area, Himachal Himalaya
    V.P. Singh, Anupam Kumar, Naval Kishore and Naresh K. Sharma
    11th ISMAS Triennial International Symposium on Mass-Spectrometry, 2009, Hyderabad
  2. Rb-Sr geochronological and geochemical study of the gneissic rocks of Wangtu Gneissic Complex, Himachal Pradesh
    Naresh K. Sharma, V.P. Singh, Naval Kishore, Sandeep Singh, Anupam Kumar and Ramesh K. Sharma
    10th ISMAS Triennial International Symposium on Mass-Spectrometry, 2006, Kerala, EPS-17, 113
  3. Geochemical and geochronological characteristics of the early paleozoic granitoids from Satlej-Baspa Valleys, Himachal Himalaya
    S.K. Kwatra, Sandeep Singh, V.P. Singh, R.K. Sharma, Bimal Rai and Naval Kishore
    Gondwana Research Group, Memoir 6, p. 145, Geodynamics of the NW Himalaya (1999)
  4. Rb-Sr ages of the gneissic rocks of Rihee-Gangi, Bhatwari, Hanumanchatti and Naitwar areas of the central crystalline zone of Kumaun Himalaya (UP)
    R.P. Singh, V.P. Singh, V.B. Singh and P.K. Mehta
    Indian Jour. Earth Sciences 13(23) (1986) 197
  5. Rb-Sr isotopic studies for the granitic rocks of Amritpur areas of the outer Lesser Himalaya of Kumaun (UP)
    V.P. Singh, R.P. Singh and V.B. Bhanot
    Indian Jour. Earth Sciences 13(23) (1986) 189
  6. Geochronological and geological studies on a granite of Higher Himalaya northwest of Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh
    V.B. Bhanot, A.K. Bhandari, V.P. Singh and Ashok K. Kansal
    Geol. Soc. India 20 (1979) 90
  7. Rb-Sr whole rock age of the granitic gneiss from Askot area, eastern Kumaun and its implication on tectonic interpretation of the area
    V.B. Bhanot, B.K. Pandey, V.P. Singh and V.C. Thakur
    Him. Geol. 7 (1977) 118
  8. Early proterozoic Rb-Sr whole rock age for central crystallines gneiss of Higher Himalaya, Kumaun
    V.B. Bhanot, V.P. Singh, Ashok K. Kansal and Vikram C. Thakur
    Jour. Geol. Soc. India 13 (1977) 90