Educational background

Professional background

Main area of work

Nuclear physics: Nuclear structure studies in experimental nuclear physics, accelerator and detector related R&D and prototyping

Significant recent publications

  1. Excited states in 99Pd
    S. Sihotra et al.
    Phys. Rev. C 83 (2011) 024313
  2. Level structures in the 107In nucleus and their microscopic descriptions
    S. Sihotra et al.
    Eur. Phys. J. A 43 (2010) 45
  3. Structure of degenerate dipole bands in 106In and investigation of similar structure in neighbouring odd-odd isotopes
    R. Palit et al.
    Nucl. Phys. A 834 (2010) 81
  4. Structure of dipole bands in 106In
    A.Y. Deo et al.
    Phys. Rev. C 79 (2009) 067304
  5. Band structures in 129Cs
    S. Sihotra et al.
    Phys. Rev. C 79 (2009) 044317
  6. Multiple band structures in 131Cs nucleus
    S. Sihotra et al.
    Phys. Rev. C 78 (2008) 034313