Educational background

Professional background

Main area of work

Nanofluids, Nanoconfinement, DFT Theory & Computer Simulations

Significant recent publications

  1. Spin Polarized Electrons in a Metallic Quantum Wire
    Eur. Phys. J. B (2014) 87: 5, DOI: 10.1140/epjb/e2013-40567-3
  2. DFT study of structural and electronic properties of endohedral complexes of group V atoms with C60
    International Journal of Modern Physics B, vol. 27 (2013) article id 1350152
  3. Longitudinal and volume viscosities of fluids confined in nanochanne
    Physics and Chemistry of Liquids (2013), DOI:10.1080/00319104.2012.760088
  4. Role of Triplet Correlations in Anomalous Self- Diffusion Coefficient
    Chemical Physics, Volume 405, p. 60-66.
  5. Exchange and correlation effects on density excitation spectra of metallic quantum wires at finite temperature
    J Phys Condens Matter.  24 (2012) 245302.
  6. Effect of Roughness of Confining Surface on Diffusive Motion of Fluid
    Micro Nano Systems, 4 (2012) 25-28