Educational background

Professional background

Main area of work

Theoretical condensed-matter physics: Study of structure, phonons, electronic and mechanical properties of fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, endohedral fullerenes, modified carbon nanotubes, clusters and dilute magnetic semiconductors using density-functional theory and model calculations

Significant recent publications

  1. Thermodynamic properties of pure and doped (B, N) graphene,
    Sarita Mann, Pooja Rani, Ranjan Kumar, Girija S. Dubey and V. K. Jindal,
    RSC Adv. 6(2016) 12158
  2. Effect of Pressure on electronic and thermoelectric properties of Magnesium silicide : a DFT study,
    Kulwinder Kaur and Ranjan Kumar,
    Chin. Phys. B, 25, No. 2 (2016) 056401
  3. First principle investigation of the electronic and thermoelectric properties of Mg2C,
    Kulwinder Kaur and Ranjan Kumar,
    Chin. Phys. B Vol. 25, No. 2 (2016) 026402
  4. Effect of Disorder on Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Properties of Co2CrZ Heusler Alloys (Z = Al, Ga, Si, Ge),
    K Seema, N. M. Umran and Ranjan Kumar,
    J Supercond Nov Magn, 29 (2016) 401
  5. Electrical Properties of pure and (Al, Ga & In) doped CdS/PVA Nanocomposites,
    Vaneeta Bala, Mamta Rani, Surya Tripathi and Ranjan Kumar,
    Mater. Res. Express 2 (2015) 095016
  6. DFT study of Cu and Ag clusters inside C6,
    Shobhna Dhiman, Ranjan Kumar and Keya Dharamvir,
    Journal of Molecular Structure 1100 (2015) 328
  7. Stability and electronic properties of Cd0.75Mn0.25S and Cd0.75Mn0.25Se in B3 Phase,
    Anita Rani and Ranjan Kumar,
    Appl. Phys. A 120, (2015) 775-784