Infrastructural Facilities

Research facilities

  • Cyclotron
  • High-energy physics (experimental set up) for studies connected with collider physics at CERN and Fermilab.
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Equipment for study of electrical properties of semiconductors, fabrication of thin films
  • Vacuum grating spectrograph; high power Nd. YAG laser etc.
  • Several nuclear spectrometers incorporating detectors like Ge(Li), NA(Ti), BaF, Si(Li) etc. and modern electronics
  • Analysis set up of ultra relativistic heavy ions in CERN
  • Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometers using radioactive exciter sources and x-ray tube for material analysis
  • Facilities for PAC/PAD studies of hyperfine interactions
  • 11-inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescope and stellar spectrometer
  • High performance computing centre (HPCC)

Teaching laboratories

Teaching laboratories for different classes are well equipped with instruments for performing experiments on nuclear physics, particle physics, solid-state physics, electronics and general physics.


The department has a separate departmental library. It is housed in very spacious rooms having reading room facility, separate research section for the research scholars and the faculty members. The library has a very rich collection of approximately 18000 physics books and journals. The back volumes of important research physics journals are available from 1950 onwards. Presently the department is subscribing to 18 journals and some of the journals are available online. The library is connected to university main library and other departments via university LAN and a PCs are provided to the students for online browsing. The department is also providing reprographic services and serving as nodal center for neighboring universities.


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