• TPSC seminar: Throwing light on dark energy (Harvinder Kaur Jassal, HRI, Allahabad) (25.03.2010)
  • TPSC seminar: Inducing order in a network of chaotic elements (Sudheshna Sinha, IMSc, Chennai) (25.02.2010)
  • TPSC seminar: An introduction to quantum Hall effect (R. Rajaraman, JNU, New Delhi) (22.01.2010)
  • TPSC seminar: A recapitulation of Indo-US nuclear deal (R. Rajaraman, JNU, New Delhi) (21.01.2010)
  • TPSC seminar: Semiconductor quantum dots as a source of on demand single photons and entangled photon pairs (Ranber Singh, Max Planck Institute, Germany) (07.01.2010)
  • TPSC seminar: Can we give quantum mechanical description to pseudo-Hermitian Hamitonians (Ashok Das, Univ. of Rochester, USA) (21.12.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Experiments on semiconductor devices under high magnetic fields (~8T), at low temperature (~4K) (Asish Arora, TIFR, Mumbai) (11.11.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Neutrino mass, mixing and oscillations (D.P. Roy, TIFR, Mumbai) (05.11.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Why LHC? (D.P. Roy, TIFR, Mumbai) (04.11.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Observing early universe in hyperfine transition of netural hydrogen (J.S. Bagla) (23.10.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Y. Nambu and modern high-energy physics (N.D. Haridass, IISc, Bangalore) (25.09.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Construction of second constant of motion in two dimensional classical and quantum systems (S.C. Mishra, Kurukshetra Univ.) (18.09.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Prospects of nanostructured metal oxides for biosensors (Bansi D. Malhotra, NPL, New Delhi) (03.09.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Life time measurements as a test for existence of chirality (D. Tonev, INFN-LBL, Italy) (19.06.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Indirect methods for nuclear astrophysics (Rajdeep Chatterjee, IIT, Roorkee) (21.03.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Dielectric properties of glassy materials (J. Bosse, Universitat Berlin, Germany) (15.02.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Materials under high pressure (Surinder M. Sharma, BARC, Mumbai) (14.02.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Magnetisation switching dynamics in nanomagnets (M. Daniel, Centre of Nonlinear Dynamics, Tiruchirapalli) (13.01.2009)
  • TPSC seminar: Mechanical properties of nanomaterials (Olga Bylya, ITER, Bhubaneswar) (06.10.2008)
  • TPSC seminar: Carbon: the material and its characterisation by Raman spectroscopy (S.N. Behera, IOP, Bhubaneswar) (04.10.2008)
  • TPSC seminar: Introduction to Hawking effect and anomalies (Rabin Banerjee, SNBNCBS, Kolkota) (27.09.2008)
  • TPSC seminar: Thermal conductivity of one-dimensional carbon systems (Deepak Kumar, JNU, New Delhi) (16.07.2008)
  • TPSC seminar: Collective density oscillation of harmonically trapped gas (J. Bosse, Universitat Berlin, Germany) (06.04.2008)

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