List of Theses

Investigation of heavy-ion induced fusion reactions at near and above barrier energies
Author: Maninder KaurGuide: B.R. Behera and Gulzar SinghYear: 2014
Study of solitary wave solutions for generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation
Author: Vivek Kumar SharmaGuide: C.N. Kumar and J. K. GoswamyYear: 2014
Riccati generalized solitary wave solutions of nonlinear equations
Author: Shally LoombaGuide: C.N. KumarYear: 2014
Study of solitary wave solutions for a class of nonlinear equations
Author: AlkaGuide: C.N. KumarYear: 2014
Theoretical and experimental study of semiconductor /polymer nanocomposites
Author: Vaneeta BalaGuide: Ranjan Kumar and S.K. TripathiYear: 2014
Structural and electronic properties of Dilute magnetic oxides and Heusler Alloys
Author: Kumari SeemaGuide: Ranjan KumarYear: 2014
Effect of endohedral doping on C60 and carbon nanotubes
Author: Nibras Mossa UmranGuide: Ranjan KumarYear: 2014
Theoretical and experimental study of semiconductor /polymer nanocomposites
Author: Devina SharmaGuide: Ranjan Kumar and V.P.S. AwanaYear: 2014
Structures and stability of clusters and nanowires of gold and other transition metals
Author: PriyankaGuide: Keya DharamvirYear: 2014
Study of nonlinear evolution equations with variable coefficients for solitary wave solutions
Author: Amit GoyalGuide: C.N. Kumar and Sunita SrivastavaYear: 2013
Neutron multiplicity measurements as a probe of nuclear viscosity and fusion-fission dynamics
Author: Rohit SandalGuide: Bivash Ranjan BeheraYear: 2013
A systematic study of dynamic properties of nanofluids
Author: Ishu GoyalGuide: Sunita SrivastavaYear: 2013
Systematic studies on classical and quantum dynamical systems
Author: Jasvinder Pal Singh VirdiGuide: S.C. Mishra and C.N. KumarYear: 2013
Flow of fluids in various nanogeometries
Author: Reena DeviGuide: Sunita SrivastavaYear: 2013
Static and dynamical properties of nanofluids
Author: GaganpreetGuide: Sunita SrivastavaYear: 2013
Study of particle induced x-ray gamma-ray emissions and their analytical application
Author: Rajbir KaurGuide: Ashok KumarYear: 2013
Electrical properties of Se-Te based chalcogenide glasses
Author: Anil KumarGuide: Navdeep GoyalYear: 2013
Implications of mixing phenomena for the phenomenological fermion mass matrices
Author: Priyanka FakayGuide: Manmohan GuptaYear: 2013
Study of dissipation strength and role of shell closure in fission dynamics at high excitation energies
Author: Varinderjit SinghGuide: Bivash Ranjan BeheraYear: 2012
Spectroscopic studies of porphyrin and phthalocyanine interactions with chemical analytes
Author: Sukh DevGuide: G.S.S. SainiYear: 2012
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline II-IV core/shell structure and device fabrication
Author: Mamta SharmaGuide: S.K. TripathiYear: 2012
Study of Z+ jets with CMS detector at LHC
Author: Lovedeep KaurGuide: Suman B. BeriYear: 2012
Heavy-ion collisions for the formation and decay of superheavy elements
Author: NiytiGuide: Year: 2011
Theoretical study of multifragmentation and related phenomena in intermediate energy heavy-ion collisions
Author: Yogesh Kumar VermaniGuide: Year: 2011
Spectroscopic study of environmental effects on some laser dyes
Author: Amit SharmaGuide: G.S.S. SainiYear: 2010
The development of the proton induced x-ray emission (PIXE)
Author: Pankaj SharmaGuide: Year: 2010

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